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We are an award winning digital design, advertising and media boutique agency.

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Who We Are

Dawn Grosvenor has over twenty years experience in executive marketing, design and ecommece strategies.  Dawn utlizes a support system of expert developers and artists for larger scale projects.  Our focus is in education, autism, philanthropy and science.

What We Do

Following the scientific method is critical to launch any successful program, from artisitic renderings to advertising.  We evaluate all opportunities within this truth-matrix, to discover new opportunities for you and your organization.  There is not a project too large or too small.

Why Choose Us

We are fast, accurate and focused on results.  What makes us different?  Dawn has over twenty years experience in real-life executive marketing for a large consumer products good firm, to a science museum.  For start-ups and entreprenuers, this experience is priceless.

Our Services

Web design

There are many platforms we have experienced for ecommerce - and through our trials and tribulations we have defined our favorites and can put them to work for you.

Graphics, User Interface, Photography

App Development

From Android to iOS projects... every App needs graphics, buttons, and user interface testing. We can work with your existing developers from around the world, help you with the do it yourself model or create a modular proposal with some of our trusted partners.


As a proud recipent of the American Express Small Business Award in Social Media, our roots run deep in analytics.  From Acxiom, AC Nielsen, IRI and other big-data platforms we can help you identify, refine and target your audiences for marketing efforts that demonstrate a high ROI.


We offer over twenty years experience of marketing ranging from consumer goods to business channel direct. Gen Z, Millennials to the baby boomers -- our diverse library of effective programs is constantly improving due to big data, technology and our partners.


Large expansive ecommerce sites have been studied and analyzed, we offer a short-list of trusted partners and solutions.

Content Development

The age of content marketing is here, and you see it everywhere.  We specialize in several core areas of award winning content development that can transform your visitor experiences.


Our portfolio of successful branding experiences ranges from logo development, consumer packaging design, web, social, and creative ways in which a brand could be expressed.

Video & Photography

We provide on-site video and photography resources, composition planning as well as a large library of digital assets that are worthy of your brand.




Artificial Intelligence

Music, video and more

The future of AI is here.  Ask  how we can support your creative brand efforts with the utilization of AI software and strtegic go-to-market implementation.



The Internet of Things

How is your brand, products and services staged to embrace the next decade of rapidly expanding technology?  We offer solutions that will be affordable and on-target with customer segments that make the most financial sense.


Reaching the Soul

Ghost writing with heart

How do you reach the soul and spirit of a fan or potential customer? Our content writing will do just that - after our deep-plunge data-tools create a turn-key analysis so that our content development scores 5 stars for your constituents.



Variable Data Marketing

If you have not yet begun to personalize content, products and communications for your customers... your compettiors are. Get ahead with VDM.

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